Picture Perfect for Egg Donors

A picture can say a thousand words. Make sure yours says great things about you.

When parents begin their search for an egg donor, one of the first things they’ll see is a profile photo. Donors must realize that those photos serve as an important first impression. They are the portal to show if you’re happy, if you have a conventional or unique look, a cheery disposition, or if you are a confident young woman. Most importantly, donors need an accurate depiction so parents can evaluate the desired resemblance.

There are other factors that parents consider before selecting a viable donor, but the photos serve as your most persuasive matching aid. The best pictures have a few things in common:

·        They should be professional (but not necessarily professionally-taken).  They should be normal pictures of you. Funny faces and tongue-out pictures will not necessarily attract the right parent. The pictures should look like you intended to show them to others (i.e. – natural backgrounds, decent resolution, in focus, etc.).

·        They do not depict a wild atmosphere or a bar scene.  (Avoid pictures that show you with a beer in hand or the bartender making a lewd gesture in the background.)

·        They should concentrate on you as the focal point.  (Your friends are great, but make sure you’re the stand-out. Parents want to see you, not your small face in a large crowd.)

·        They should show you from your most flattering perspective.  (Avoid using those up-the-nose shots or strange angles that catch your body in a tangled mess.)

·        They should show the “real,” every day you.  (Halloween costumes are great, and so are the fun pictures of you when you went skiing last winter, but parents want a clear view of your body type and all of your features. Avoid masks, heavy make up and clothes that distort your body.)

·        There should be a variety of shots and perspectives.  (Parents want to see you from all angles, so you should use a couple good head shots and at least one full-body shot.)

·        They should show you at different ages.  (Parents will also be interested in what you looked like as a child and how you developed throughout the years. Include a few developmental shots that are staggered throughout the years.)

·        If you have children, they include pictures of your babies.  Since you will affect what the parent’s child looks like, they want to know what your children look like.

Don’t be afraid to have a friend or a family member take a few new, current pictures of you. The more you can submit, the better. The Assisted Fertility Association says that donor photos are not unlike a dating service. If you are uncertain as to which pictures would work and which ones should be kept in your personal photo album, run them by your family or your best friends.

Remember, your photos should be these important qualities: clear, flattering and varied.