Becoming a surrogate mother: Why I chose to do a second surrogacy

Surrogate Mom - JaimeBecoming a surrogate mother is a big decision, and many considering this decision want to know what it is like to be a surrogate. In this blog series we hope to shed some light on the surrogacy process through the experiences of our past and current surrogates, Charity, Jaime and Nicole. To read previous posts from Jaime, click here.

My first surrogate experience was flawless and the most amazing, rewarding experience I’ve ever had in my life. My agency couldn’t have picked a better set of parents for me to work with. We met, had one embryo transferred, and I gave birth to a healthy baby. After birth they mentioned briefly that they had frozen embryos and may possibly want a sibling for their son. I was open to the idea of helping them if they decided to have another child.  

My second journey came unexpectedly. I had contacted my agency to ask a billing question so when I saw the incoming call from them, I was expecting it to be the answer to my question. To my surprise, they were calling to see if I was interested in matching with a new family and doing a second journey.

Taken off guard, I was speechless. They explained to me that they had a “high profile” client, which in the surrogate world usually means someone famous, and they thought I would be a great match. I explained my first family was my priority and I wanted to check to see if they were ready for a sibling. I spoke with my first family and learned they were happy with their son and may have changed their mind about having another child. After that conversation, I agreed to meet the new family and proceed forward.

I met the new family and they were incredible. Famous? Yes, but they were very down to earth and wonderful people. This journey gave me a whole new insight into the realization that surrogacy isn’t a sure thing. I was this couple’s second surrogate and last hope for a baby. Read more