Snyder responds to opponents of proposed surrogacy regulations in minnesota

Steve Snyder, Executive Director IARC

Earlier this month, Steve Snyder, executive director of IARC, wrote an opinion piece for the Pioneer Press in response to opposition to proposed legislation that would help regulate surrogacy in the state of Minnesota (S.F. 2627 and H.F. 291).

Steve’s response, “Taking exceptions: ‘How many surrogates did you interview?’”, supports the need for regulations and legislation for surrogates. It helps readers understand the important role surrogates play in the process of child birth for intended parents, describing the ultimate gift surrogates give infertile couples: a family.

Steve stated, “The few surrogates who criticize the process are typically those who self-match and go through the process without the guidelines and protections afforded by working with experienced physicians, psychologists, and attorneys — the very guidelines, protections, and professional support required by the pending legislation.”

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