Advocacy Day 2016: The Fight for Surrogacy Rights

The rights of women who choose to give the ultimate gift to a family are at stake once again as the Minnesota legislature is expected to raise surrogacy in this year’s upcoming session.

As many of you are aware, last year was a close call at the legislature for surrogacy. Although we succeeded in preventing a bill ultimately aimed at banning surrogacy from passing, this year calls for proactive measures: we must educate as many legislators as possible about surrogacy so we can continue to fight such efforts and hopefully pass appropriate regulating legislation in the future.

Please join us for Advocacy Day – Wednesday April
13, 2016

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RESOLVE is hosting “Advocacy Day” at the Minnesota State Office Building (100 Rev Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, St. Paul, MN 55155) to make a strong statement that surrogacy is a family-building option that belongs in Minnesota. Advocacy Day is a time for all surrogate supporters to unite as a visible and persuasive group and share their support for surrogacy with key legislators.

We are facing a critical time where we must be at the forefront to share personal stories and urge legislators to support the ongoing viability of surrogacy as a family building option for all Minnesota families.

We will begin the day with an advocacy “crash course” hosted by RESOLVE lobbyists and followed by previously scheduled meetings with our selected legislators. Supporters are encouraged to attend as many brief meetings as they can to share their personal stories in support of surrogacy and lobby legislators to support the process.

Power in numbers

As we know, there is power in numbers and we look forward to seeing many supporters come out in large numbers for Advocacy Day. This is a momentous opportunity to show our legislators that we will not be silenced.

We will provide more detailed information as the session and Advocacy Day approaches, but in the meantime, please mark your calendars.

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