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Navigating the uncertain waters of international third-party reproduction

By Steve Snyder, executive director of IARC Intended parents who wish to have children through third-party reproduction, but face highly restrictive and conflicting laws and regulations in their home countries, are increasingly crossing international borders to have their genetic children abroad.  Although the world is getting smaller and international borders are becoming more and more blurred, conflict among […]

What to look for in an agency

For couples and prospective parents in need, an agency is a crucial guide through the surrogacy and egg donor process and will be your advocate through any legal pitfalls and medical uncertainties. For surrogates, an agency with years of experience and a laundry list of services is a key protector in this profound, life-changing experience. […]

HIV-positive sperm donation has zero risk for surrogate mothers

Prospective surrogate mothers may find the possibility of HIV-positive sperm donation frightening. And perhaps rightfully so—the virus and its debilitating effects are estimated to affect 1.1 million people in the United States. The statistic for documented transmission of HIV to surrogate mothers or their offspring via in vitro fertilization is much more encouraging: zero. At […]

Surrogacy for gay couples: What you need to know

For intended parents, whether single or coupled, going through the surrogacy process can be a long, confusing and emotional journey, but for gay prospective parents there is an added layer of legal complications that must be navigated. This post is meant to help gay men who are considering surrogacy get smart on what questions they […]

Thai Surrogacy Case Raises Important Questions About Rights and Safety

By Steve Snyder, executive director of IARC The recent case of Pattaramon Chanbua has propagated a lot of criticism of unregulated surrogacy. Surrogacy is widely unregulated globally. Even within the U.S., surrogacy laws are disparate across state lines. In the current context of national and international law, this case serves as a crucial reminder of the importance […]

The Importance of Second-Parent Adoption

By Steve Snyder, executive director of IARC Surrogacy has proven to be a blessing for many same-sex couples. However, the legal complications regarding parental rights have threatened many intended parents. For example, Huffington Post recently reported a story about two gay dads denied legal parenthood of their sons due to complicated gay marriage and parental laws. As […]

What You Need to Know about Surrogacy Compensation

As people consider becoming a surrogate, questions about compensation are often at the top of the list. This post helps answer initial questions regarding surrogacy compensation. There are two financial aspects that go into a surrogacy program. Compensation for time and commitment for being a surrogate Reimbursement for expenses that are related to the surrogacy […]