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Thank you for contacting the International Assisted Reproduction Center (IARC®). Our office is located in Maple Grove, Minnesota, but our assisted reproduction programs span the globe.  At our agency, we recognize the enormous gift that is given when a woman becomes an egg donor or a surrogate.  To make this experience as rewarding as possible, we are committed to providing organized, informative, and personalized service to all our fertility helpers.

Surrogates: IARC’s surrogacy program is based on our recognition that not any two surrogacy programs are the same.  Each surrogate needs something different from the staff at the agency and from the intended parents, and our goal is to meet your individual needs.  Every surrogate has a vision of what their perfect surrogacy journey will be, and our personalized matching process will provide the opportunity for you to find intended parents who will be an ideal match for you.

Egg Donors: Our agency works with several clinics who refer their patients directly and solely to IARC to select an ovum donor.  This means that your profile will be available to many intended parents to facilitate a faster matching process.

IARC Staff: Our knowledgeable staff is commited to assisting our egg donors and surrogates through every step of their process.  Egg donors and surrogates are more than just clients to us.  They become a part of the IARC family which now includes countless ovum donors and surrogates, both retired and current.

Our director, Steve Snyder, takes great joy in helping to create families. He is also very involved in the area of assisted reproduction, having been a key part of drafting proposed legislation in Minnesota to regulate the area of fertility help. Steve has actively lobbied at the capitol for fertility rights, and he is a frequent national presenter on assisted reproduction topics. He also devotes time to infertility issues as the advocacy director and a member of the board of directors of RESOLVE of Minnesota, a non-profit organization dedicated to infertility education, support, and advocacy.

If you would like to speak with one of our experienced staff members at any time about our programs, please contact us at763.494.8800.

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