Egg DonorsTo All Potential Egg Donors:

Thank you for your willingness to consider becoming an egg donor with The International Assisted Reproduction Center. The intended parents we work with have been unable to have children of their own despite heroic efforts and years of trying. Infertility is a roller coaster of hope and despair where infertile couples try cycle after cycle to achieve a pregnancy without success. Many women put their careers on hold due to the strenuous demands of the fertility treatment schedules. Sadly, many couples’ marriages do not survive the monthly stresses and disappointments. Without your help as an ovum donor, these couples may never find success.  You will be helping those couples that have survived – marriage intact and hope still alive – to achieve their dream of a family.

Your interest in our program is very much appreciated, and we thank you for providing us with the opportunity to guide you through this process. We take great pride in treating all of our egg donors with kindness and respect. If you choose IARC® to be your agency, you will find a constant source of information and support as you move forward.


Steven Snyder
Director and Owner of IARC®

Important Considerations for Potential Egg Donors

It is important that you are fully informed before deciding to become an egg donor.  The following are important things you should consider before moving forward:

  • Reimbursement: We follow the ASRM guidelines relating to donor reimbursement ranges and maximums. If you would like more information regarding these guidelines please contact our office.
  • Medications and Potential Side Effects: It is important to know which medications you will be taking, how they are administered and their potential side effects.  If you have any concerns about any of these medications, we strongly urge you to consult your your doctor. We are also willing to put you in contact with one of the physicians or nurses we work with so they can explain the medications more in detail and answer any questions you may have.
  • Qualifications: Certain age, health and other qualifications must be met to participate as an egg donor.

Need More Information? Contact IARC® Today

If you would like more information regarding becoming an egg donor or our agency, please call 763-404-8800 and request to speak with our Egg Donor Recruiter.

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