Surrogate Compensation

A surrogate’s compensation is separate from all other expenses related to the surrogate pregnancy. This article explains both in detail.

There are two major financial aspects that go into your surrogacy program.

  • Compensation for your time and commitment during the program, as well as the pain and health risks related to pregnancy
  • Reimbursement for any expenses you have that are related to your participation as a surrogate

Surrogate Compensation

At IARC®, our surrogates are able to select their own fee. The typical surrogate mother pay for first time surrogates is between $20,000-$22,000, and experienced surrogates generally request an average fee of up to $30,000. It is important, however, for you to evaluate your own situation and motivations in being a surrogate and decide what amount of surrogate compensation will be best for you. This amount could be lower than $20,000 or higher than $22,000, but as you select your fee please take into consideration the financial strain a surrogacy program places on intended parents and balance that with what you need to feel motivated throughout the process.

Your compensation will be collected from intended parents and saved in an IARC escrow account before the first embryo transfer, so you can be confident that the funds are available to be paid out to you throughout the pregnancy.

Surrogate Reimbursements

All expenses you will have that relate to your surrogacy program will either be immediately reimbursed to you or paid in advance by IARC®. These expenses include:

  • Screening costs
  •  Legal expenses
  •  Monthly allowance
  •  Maternity clothing allowance
  •  Lost wages

For a more detailed list of how our expense reimbursement works, please see following the worksheet.

Surrogate Compensation & Expense Reimbursements

Our goal at IARC® is to provide you with a safe venue where you are able to give the gift of a family to intended parents while also being able to benefit yourself and your family, and our reimbursement procedures are set up so that you will not be negatively impacted financially in any way because of your willingness to do such a great thing for someone else.


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