surrogate agenciesSurrogate Agencies: Why Use An Agency?

When considering surrogate agencies, many potential surrogate mothers have questions about why to use an agency? This article answers many of them.

Women considering becoming a surrogate are embarking upon an important and complex journey.  There are countless details that need to be dealt with, and you likely have many questions that need to be answered.

At IARC, our job is to pay attention to all of those details and be available to help you through the entire process. We are here to ensure that the experience is everything you hope it will be. Aside from being a constant guide and resource to you, we make sure that reimbursement for your expenses and payment of your fee is delivered in a timely way. In fact, expenses and fees are given to the agency at the start of the process, ensuring a secure, reliable form of payment to the surrogate.

Women thinking about giving this gift to infertile parents should consider the benefits of working with an agency. The advantages of our agency include:


  • Intended Parents are vetted and introduced by the agency
  • All medical arrangements are made by the agency
  • Communications are handled by the agency, minimizing friction and stress between parents and surrogates
  • Parents pay the agency fees to the agency at the start of the process and ensure all costs are covered as needed
  • Any contact with the child and parents after the birth can be negotiated through the agency
  • Referrals to counselors and other professionals are available as needed
  • Legal advice from a referred lawyer, paid for by the intended parents, about the enforceability of a surrogacy contract in your state and other issues
  • Travel arrangements are made for you when needed by the surrogate agency
  • Medical referrals are made by the agency
  • Help you prepare for the parent interview
  • Advice on setting the surrogacy fees

As a neutral facilitator dedicated to making sure all parties are comfortable and taken care of in the process, we take care of all these aspects and any issues that arise during your surrogacy journey. We are also available to answer questions you may have as you consider becoming a surrogate and throughout your program. Our current and past surrogates are remarkable women, and we are happy to put you in touch with one or more of them so you can learn more about the process from someone who has had that experience.


Click here to contact us to learn more about joining our efforts in building families or call us at 763.494.8800.

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