Surrogate Assistants Fertility Helpers Have Written:

“I am so glad that I could help a couple in need. The Doctor and staff were great! I would love to do it again with your company!”
MB, Ovum Donor

“I had the most wonderful incredible journey with IARC. They helped me do something that I have always wanted to. From start to finish, everyone I dealt with was SO helpful and pleasant!” MC, Ovum Donor

“The staff at IARC (and the people and professionals they connect you with) are excellent! I’ve had no worries at all during the process because of the IARC’s knowledge, assurance and assistance.” AM, Ovum Donor 

“This experience was very stress-free! Everyone I was in contact with was very friendly and knowledgable. Overall this was such an amazing, enjoyable experience!” MH, Ovum Donor

“My experience was wonderful. From day one and the first phone call from IARC I knew I was in good hands. The agency took very good care of my needs. I would definitely do it again…” RM, Surrogate

“This was a really great way to help someone who is really trying to have a baby. I’m really glad that I [had] the chance to bring another person closer to having the chance to become a parent.” LH, Ovum Donor

“This is my second time, and the staff has always been very helpful and always considerate. They have always looked out for my best interests. I can’t find a thing I could change or improve. All in all, you have a very reliable and competent staff.”
BH, Surrogate Mother

“Right away with the first phone call from IARC, I got a good feeling. They were so friendly and informative. If I had a question it was answered right away. I was never left wondering what was going on. I’ve been very happy with the whole experience.” LS, Surrogate


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